Gesundheit! was a mobile game for iOS and Android. Unfortunately it's no longer available, as the costs of continuously updating an older game to comply with changing mobile platform policies became unfeasible for the game's publisher. (Although the soundtrack is still available on Bandcamp.) 
RIP little pig!
Fight monsters! Solve puzzles! Wipe your nose! Gesundheit! is a booger-flinging action-puzzle game for iPhone and iPad, developed in collaboration with Revolutionary Concepts. With its tricky puzzle design, hand drawn graphics, and toy-instrument soundtrack, Gesundheit! launched to critical acclaim and went on to be featured internationally by Apple.
My role
Lead designer, artist, and animator
Photoshop, After Effects, ink & scratchboard
TIME: Best iPad Games
Annie Awards: Best Animated Game Finalist
Apple Europe: Game of the Year Runner-Up
Independent Games Festival: Student Showcase
IGN: Best Mobile Puzzle Game
Canadian Game Development Awards: Best Animator Finalist
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